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Yoson Show Time

Magic Show


5th, Feb, 2019, Yoson attended the Magic Show in Las Vegas,USA.

Yoson brought brought 60 latest styles bags for the show, excluding hundreds of designs. We meet more than 50 customers per day, and 5-10 orders were placed right at our booth. Yoson’s special designs impacted customers’ sight, vintage and fashion surface treatment as well. Yoson attends Magic show since 2008 and now it lasts for 11 years til 2019. Hope the Covid-19 passes ASAP so we will walk on the stage again.

Hk Aplf


15th, March, 2019, Yoson joined the fashion show APLF(HK) in Hongkong. So many visitors at our booth even all our sales& designers came to the booth. 15 orders were received on the first day right at our booth, and 40 orders totally during the 3 days. To meet the request of visiting factory, Yoson provided the picking-up service after the show. We arranged 5 cars standing by at Shenzhen port, picking-up the clients to visit our factory in Guangzhou, before or after the HK show.

Factory Visiting


Yoson has the biggest show room in Guangzhou, and many clients would like to visit our factory. Not only negotiate the order details, but also find the fashion elements &designs, as Yoson is always walking with latest fashion. Coca Cola, Disney, Armani, KAVU(USA), Avirex, Dustin, visit our factory almost every year. We will prepare Chinese tradition food for our visitors, and talk business like old friends. Everything goes well under harmonious atmosphere.

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